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A guide into the wonderful models of FTV Girls

Ever since I've been watching online porn I've been a huge fun of the site FTV Girls. It simply is the best non-hardcore site around (though they are now occasionally adding hardcore updates). Let me sum it up for you: Great looking girls who often are true first timers, frequent updates, high quality photography, crystal clear movies and a focus on maturbation (with real orgasms) and daring public nudity scenes. Really, what more can you ask for?

So what does this guide do? For starters, I will make a complete list of every girl that ever appeared on FTV Girls (it will take some time to get it completed). When available I'll mention some background info about the model and I will also tell you if a specific girl has modelled for other sites. Sound good? That what I thought!

Archive for 2012

12-01-2012: Embry aka Cameron Dee

Embry is a sweet blonde with a round ass from California that was new to adult at the time of this shooting took place (June 2012). She's one of those girls that's very comfortable being naked and she loved the public nudity moments that always are an important part of any FTV shoot.  

Other sites: doing porn as Cameron Dee 01 02 03.

11-24-2012: Zoey aka Zoey Nixon

Zoey is a slender redhead with suckable boobies. She describes herself as a kinky bi-sexual girl that loves to play video games. The way she's portrayed here at FTV makes her one my favourites this year.

Other sites: doing porn as Zoey Nixon 

11-17-2012: Thena aka Thena Sky

Thena is a flexible and very slender girl with natural looks from Colorado. She already started her (hardcore) career back in 2008 doing a bunch of scenes for a local site.

Other sites: doing hardcore as Thena Sky

11-10-2012: Alice

Alice is a sweet girl next door from Ohio with a killer set of big boobs.

10-27-2012: Kelsey aka Kelsey Jones

Kelsey is a busty brunette from Texas who is trying to make it as a porn star (she says to watch porn all the time) and her first stop was FTV Girls. 

Other sites: doing porn as Kelsey Jones

10-20-2012: Emily

Pretty and skinny blonde Emily of FTV Girls tried mainstream modelling for a while but that didn't work out the way she planned it. And since she's isn't satisfied with the money she makes with her job as front desk employee the next step for her is adult modelling. 

09-08-2012: Lara aka Lara Brookes

Lara is a sweet and innocent looking girl from Michigan. She's a little older than her look suggest (22 at the time of the shoot). Lara recently had a baby which explains her swollen breasts and the lactating.  

Other sites: doing porn as Lara Brookes

09-01-2012: Laleh


08-18-2012: Jessica


08-11-2012: Aubrey aka Aubrey Sky


08-04-2012: Mali aka Mali Myers


07-28-2012: Veronika


07-14-2012: Sabrina aka Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina is sweet brunette with juicy big breasts. She had done a number of porn shoots already before coming to FTV. She loved the flashing in public scenes a thing she never did before.

Other sites: doing porn as Sabrina Taylor

07-07-2012: Maye aka Mae Olson

Maya is a super tiny girl from Miami. She hated her minimum wage job and deciced to enter adult industry. It was her real life friend Rikki who referred her to FTV Girls.

Other sites: doing porn as Mae Olson

06-23-2012: Melody aka Melody Jordan

Melody is a slender and enthusiastic redhead.  Believe it or not FTV Girls is the favourite porn site of her father and mother. No I didn't made this up Melody wrote this in her personal comments matching this shoot. Yes we live in as strange world lol :)

Other sites: doing porn as Melody Jordan 01 02 03

06-16-2012: Blake

Blake is a newcomer from Florida who's has plans to become a pornstar. The first thing she did is a shoot at FTV Girls.

06-09-2012: Madison aka Madison Chandler

Madison is a very sweet blonde from South Carolina with a fantastic bubble butt.

Other sites: doing porn as Madison Chandler

06-02-2012: Harper

This sexy brunette named Harper was referred to FTV Girls by another model who did a shoot recently Teal. "She told me how fun and new it was so she suggested I do the same". Harper was being nervous at first. She has a religious background and never did anything like this before. However the thrill kept her going and she uses a vibrator for the first time in her life.   

05-26-2012: Presley aka Presley Hart

Slender and long brunette Presley refused to do to do any sort of public nudity (usually an important part of FTV shoots). She managed to make it an interesting shoot anyhow.

Other sites: doing porn as Presley Hart

05-19-2012: Teal aka Teal Conrad

Young brunette Teal comes from Oregon, used to be a fitness model but never got nude in front of camera before. "I have always been very athletic and I did many different sports".

Other sites: as Teal Conrad at Twistys

05-12-2012: Jayde aka Jayde Love

Jayde is sweet blonde country girl from South Virginia. She's a spontaneous and open minded girl who (as you will see) smiles a lot. In november 2012 her second shoot was released.

05-05-2012: Kiara aka Kiera Winters

Kiara is a young brunette with blue eyes from Idaho (although she's living in L.A. now). She's a girl to fall in love with right away, the face of an angel and body that comes close to perfection. "Just because I'm shooting porn it doesn't mean that I'm sleeping with everyone. In fact I've only been with one guy and we're still together".   

Other sites: doing solo and lesbian shoots at Kiera Winters

04-21-2012: Cassy aka Cassandra Nix

Cassy describes herself as a thrill seeeker and did all kind of naughty things in this shoot. However she couldn't succeed in fisting herself. Luckily there was another girl present (the blonde who you might recognize as Tatum from a week few weeks ago) who more than helpful to give her a hand (literally lol).

Other sites: doing porn as Cassandra Nix

04-14-2012: Alaura Lee aka Alaura Lee aka Tria

20 years old Alaura from Arizona looks very sweet and innocent. She said this shoot made her realize again how much of an exhibitionist she really is.  

Other sites: She did rare hardcore scene as Tria at Backroom Casting Couch in 2010. More solo shoots at other sites 01 02 03

04-07-2012: Cassie aka Cassie Laine

03-24-2012: Jaslene aka Jaslena Jade

Slender brunette Jaslene grew up in a very small town in Kentucky. She tried to make it mainstream modelling but that didn't work out as planned and now she has joined the adult industry. Jaslene says she's not a very sexual person and never masturbates in her personal life.

Other sites: Doing porn as Jaslene Jade

03-17-2012: Tatum

Tatum is a pretty young blonde from Los Angeles. She's very new to nude modelling and said she only watched porn four times in her live. 

03-10-2012: Victoria aka Victoria Voss

Victoria is  a petite, innocent looking and totally gorgeous sweetie (and don't forget those firm boobies). She wants to become a nurse and travel the world.

Other sites: doing porn as Victoria Voss 

03-03-2012: Callie aka Callie Cobra

Blonde Callie has a tight body abd was already doing hardcore a for while before coming to FTV (which is usually the other way round).

Other sites: doing porn as Callie Cobra

02-18-2012: Adrianna aka Adriana Leigh

Adrianna is a pretty 22 years old brunette from Mexican/German decent. She wants to become a sex therapist when she's older and thinks it's important for her to explore her own body and sexuality (by all means Adrianna). 

Other sites: doing hardcore as Adriana Leigh 01 02

02-12-2012: Mia aka Molly Bennett

Slender and tall beauty Mia turned 18 a few weeks before the shoot. She always wanted to model (regular) but her very stricts parents never allowed it. But since she's her own boss now those days are over ' I'm religious, but I don't see why I can't do porn.'

Other sites: doing porn as Molly Bennett

02-04-2012: Lilly

Cute Lilly is half indian wich explains her exotic looks. "The best thing about orgasms is that it relieves all my tensions from the

01-28-2012: Carolyn

Carolyn is a friendly young blonde. Interesting is that she is the older sister of Cory who appeared at FTV in December and it was her who encouraged her to do this. Carolyn also mentioned she has six(!) sisters. I got a idea... why not bring them all together for a family shoot :)    

01-21-2012: Nadine

Nadine is a special one. Looking very innocent and even nerdy if you want. She's very much different from the usal girl next door as she likes to read books, studies anthropology and loves music from the late 60's (on vinyl). But then there is her other side. "I am obsessed with sex, nudity, and masturbation. I masturbate and/or have sex at least twice a day." and calls herself a 'pervette'. And how about that curvy body of her with that round ass and perky boobs with puffy nipples.

01-14-2012: Chloe aka Chloe Lynn

Chloe is babyfaced blonde with a round ass, suckable boobies and a sweet smile. She's a good friend of former FTV Girls Sara Jaymes who encouraged her to do this.

Other sites: as Chloe Lynn at Little Mutt and We Live Together.

01-07-2012: Rikki aka Rikki Nyx

Rikki is the first girl to appear at FTV in 2012. This friendly and tiny (4'11 150cm) brunette comes from Philadelphia. As you can see she's carries around a nice pair of big naturals. Rikki loves to masturbate (also in real life) and she got plenty off chance to show it.

Other sites: doing hardcore as Rikki Nyx

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